TrGET: Preclinical Assay Platform

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TrGET (created in 2007) offers cell-based assay platforms and  proof-of-concept in vivo studies for preclinical evaluation of therapeutic/pharmacological target candidates and therapeutic strategies in oncology.


A variety of flexible and customizable services is available, with privileged technological developments of bioluminescence-based technologies allowing quantitative evaluation of cell viability, proliferation, apoptosis, clonogenicity and migration in vitro, as well as tumoral progression and metastatic development in vivo.
Optimization of therapeutic strategies is proposed through the combination of investigated active molecules with sets of known therapeutics/targeted drug inhibitors and quantitive evaluation of synergism. Chemo-proteomic profiling is also offered to facilitate the evaluation of drug specificity and mechanism of action.
The platform works in close collaboration with ETOH (Evaluation of Therapeutic Onco-Hematology) IPC unit dedicated exclusively to early clinical trials to accelerate the evaluation of innovative therapeutic approaches (labeled by the ARS and granted by INCa in 2010).
This unique combination of preclinical and clinical services provide the tools to address the scientific challenges encountered during any stage of product development.
These activities relies on and/or are linked to strongly established IPC/CRCM facilties, including the following:

TrGET was granted by the Cancéropôle PACA, the PROCAN program, the Région PACA, and is supported by academic granted partneship from INCa, ARC, Ligue contre le cancer, as well as by contracting with Biotech compagnies (SERVIER-ONCO, U3-Pharma, Nanova, ValiRX) and development unit (INSERM-Transfert, Valor-PACA).

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Plateforme TrGET
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